Windows Builds for Php-Gtk2

I now have working almost automated builds running for PHP-Gtk2 with CVS versions of PHP-Gtk2 and PHP5.2. Almost because
1. I haven't written code to automatically upload the zip files and delete files if there are more than 5 snaps sitting there and
2. I still have to start them manually by calling the .bat file.

And they're almost working - I'm still trying to coax xdebug to build properly, I have libglade and scintilla php-gtk extensions that work perfectly, gtkspell and gtksourceview extensions that work but spit glib errors to the console (they don't die though, and that's all that matters), and a gtkmozembed extension that builds but crashes whenever you try to load a url.

I'm not sure what to do about the gtkmozembed problem. I could try building my own version, but even so it would require an installed mozilla gre, plus a whole fat amount of additional dlls. That seems like an awful lot of work for what will be (for most users) a simple html display. The other option is to port gtkhtml. Downsides to this? Well there are precompiled binaries for it, caveat? no msvc style libs. I might be able to create them from the dlls, although I haven't have too much luck with that so far. It also has some additional requirements like bonobo and I don't want to fatten up the requirements too much. But I think I might be able to get it running on less fat than the mozembed. The biggest problem will be the fact that I'd have to write the php-gtk extension for it, or at least set up the generator files.

You can download the current builds from Please read the readme! I also have a zip with extension libs, dlls, config files, include files, and source code changes I had to make to get them to build. If someone has msvc 8 libs/headers I can use to get some additional php extensions compiling or can help me with the mozembed/gtkhtml trouble I'd appreciate that as well.


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