I guess I'm just ahead of the times...

When perusing php-planet today (or is it planet-php and why can't I ever remember?) I ran across an interesting article about changing from zend studio to komodo.

The amusing thing for me is I've been using komodo since 3.0 came out - in July of 2004. I'd gone through the whole list of php editors looking for two things - working debugging and code intelligence (e.g. tell me whether it's needle haystack or haystack needle - so damn annoying) At the time, the ONLY one with a working debugger for php 5 was komodo - ding ding ding we have a winner.

I have a toolbar I set up to insert phpdoc comments that's been around almost that long - I have to keep changing the date on the copyright line... But that 's the only thing I've had to change even through upgrades. There have been times when debugging was broken - because I'd running a php snap and didn't have a working xdebug to go with it, but overall I've been very impressed with the program. There's svn and cvs integration and the whole nine yards. And I can run it on windows, on linux, even on a mac (it even runs on solaris - how wild is that?).

There's one bad thing about it. Because it's mozilla based - mozilla bugs will leak through. For example, that memory leak that firefox had for awhile on windows? Well komodo had it too...and my computer would SLLLOOOWWW down. Luckily it opens all the files you had open, so I'd just close and reopen the thing. Too bad I can't get a working session saver extension for firefox...

Anyway, I haven't found a php editor that comes anywhere close (so far) but I've never had the (mis?)fortune of trying zend studio. Why? Well see, I'm a nut. I tend to run the next php release... and zend takes a while to catch up. I'm running 5.2 (have been since it branched) while they're supporting 5.1...

For some reason it reminds me of my last post - I submitted a feature request for windows pecl snaps in a zip in october of 2004 and they just got it working.... guess I'm just two years ahead of the world :)



Hi! Would you mind posting your phpdoc toolbar somewhere?rnrn

2006-12-19 9:16 am

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