Edin's Treasure Trove - or how to actually get PHP 5.2 compiling on Windows

After Pierre's nice hint after my rant about compile failures (his comment said download this huge file from Edin's site...)

I downloaded zip.zip (nice descriptive name eh?) from edin's site. Deleted my current win32build directory - unzipped that monster, took the php_build, dropped it where win32build was and renamed it (hey, took me a long time to get all the include/bin/lib dirs right) and headed back to the command line.

nmake clean (just in case)



VOILA - It compiled!

Now I just have to figure out how to get php-gtk2 into the mix and I'll be a happy happy camper. Off to download more files!


Edin Kadribasic

Had to move the file to: http://files.edin.dk/php/win32/zip.zip

You can browse the contents without downloading it at: http://files.edin.dk/php/win32/dev/php_build/


2007-05-04 4:21 pm

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